Special anti-COVID-19 measures by GAM All Around Agency and launch of our new “Contactless Games”

Coinciding with the health situation in Spain and in the world caused by the Coronavirus, in GAM All Around Agency we adapt to this new era and launch new versions of our outdoor activities in Barcelona and Girona called “Contactless Games”

City Quests by GAM All Around Agency

At GAM All Around Agency the safety of our players is one of our priorities, for this reason we have implemented some anti-COVID-19 sanitary and hygienic measures in all our activities in Barcelona and Girona.

Special anti-COVID-19 measures of GAM All Around Agency in our Escape Rooms in Barcelona and Girona (classic version)

  1. Obligatory use of mask.
  2. The safety distances between our Game Masters and the players will be maintained.
  3. All our staff will wear a mask during the activities.
  4. Hydroalcoholic gel will be provided to all players before and after activities.
  5. All printed material provided to our clients will be new in each game.
  6. Electronic devices and other materials provided to players will be disinfected before and after the game.
  7. Activities will be adapted to avoid, as far as possible, contact with people, objects and surfaces.

New “Contactless Games” in Barcelona and Girona

Adapting to the new circumstances caused by the Coronavirus, in GAM All Around Agency we have launched a special version of our outdoor Escape Rooms in Barcelona and Girona: “Contactless Games”. It is a new and totally safe version with the same riddles as in the classic version of our outdoor Escape Rooms although adapted to a 100% online version. The only difference of this modality is that the participants will not have physical contact with their Game Master nor will they have to touch any object or surface.

The price of this new modality of outdoor Escape Room in Barcelona and Girona will be lower than the price of its classic version and the only thing you will need to participate in the game is a mobile device with an internet connection to communicate during the game and to send you the clues and other necessary material.

Advantages of the “Contactless” modality of our outdoor Escape Rooms in Barcelona and Girona

  1. It is an activity adapted to the New Normality and to the measures of social distancing.
  2. It is totally safe since the participants do not have to touch any object or surface and it is an outdoor game.
  3. The tasks and logical puzzles will be the same, so we can guarantee you an amusing and exciting activity.
  4. It is a cheaper activity since in GAM All Around Agency we consider it important to offer a cheaper alternative to our clients in a situation like this.

If you want to know more about the “Contactless” version of our outdoor Escape Rooms in Barcelona and Girona* or have any questions about the anti-COVID-19 measures that we have implemented, contact us here or send us an email to info@gamagency.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to book a “Contactless Game” now, go to our Booking page and write “Contactless” in the “Version” field of our form.

*In the message, please put the number of participants and in the case of the Escape Room in Barcelona “Secrets of the Ancient Barcelona” the duration/level you are interested in (2 hours -high level- or 3.5 hours -medium level-).